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Marcelo Bonta I’m Marcelo. I created this blog to support the thousands of environmental professionals advancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion issues at their organizations and across the movement. Over the past two decades, I have been a speaker, trainer, founder, executive director, supporter, coach, champion, advisor, consultant, writer, strategizer, mentor, mentee, teacher, and learner for all things J.E.D.I. in the environmental movement. I hope my lessons learned and experiences can shed light on your work.


“Marcelo is a mentor to many J.E.D.I. practitioners like myself. He is thoughtful, passionate, and provides the depth and breadth of expertise needed to move us forward on these important issues. By always bringing his caring, whole, and authentic self to the work, it results in the true initiation, advancement and expansion of J.E.D.I. practices and principles in our movement.”

— Chante Coleman, Director of Equity & Inclusion, National Wildlife Federation


"Marcelo, aka 'Silver Fox,' is as brilliant as his breath is minty. Also, what amazing sartorial splendor on a daily basis! In all seriousness, Marcelo is pretty awesome. His experience within the environmental sector, combined with his lens of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and his lived-experience as a person of color, makes his perspective and work critical, especially in this turbulent sociopolitical climate. He is a J.E.D.I. unicorn, and essential to the environmental movement and to our world in general."

— Vu Le, Executive Director, Rainier Valley Corps & the dude behind


"Marcelo is filling a gap in the thought leadership market between where we are, and where we ought to be. He does so with an experienced understanding of organizational efficiency, return on investment, and heart. Nobody walks away from an encounter with Marcelo feeling less hopeful about the future and our ability to make it better, together."

— Majora Carter, Urban Revitalisation Strategist


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